Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This past year

This past year I had a Kindergarten/Grade 1 classroom.  It was the district's first year of full day kindergarten and it was challenging to combine the two levels.  We all had a great year but it was a lot more work on my part.  This upcoming year, I am excited to be teaching a straight one class.  I chose to keep my Ks for their Grade one year (there are only 7 of them) so my plan for the next month is to come up with some fun-filled new themes that they won't have seen!
Last year, some of our large themes were plants, oceans, butterflies, Canada, beavers and snow.  Any ideas out there for some exciting new themes?  I'm thinking dinosaurs (was on my list for this year but I ran out of time) and pirates.

I'm going to begin working on another paper mache tree for my classroom.  The one I made last year was a huge success so I think I should have a pair.  Here is a photo:
This was taken in the spring when we had blossoms on the tree.  In the winter we took out the umbrellas so that we had a "naked" tree.  It was neat to discuss how trees look different in the varying seasons when we could look at ours to compare.
Anyways, have a great day!

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  1. The umbrella tree idea is fantastic. That's a perfect way to talk about the seasons. Thanks for sharing. :)

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