Saturday, September 15, 2012

Okay.....I'm rocking at this blog thing....ha, ha!  10 days since I last posted.  I always forget how tiring the first couple of weeks are but my little honeys are starting to settle down to their routines now.  We've had hockey tryouts in the meantime and with trying to make sure that I am keeping up my workouts, I've had no time at all to be on here.  Introduced Pete the Cat yesterday and the kids that hadn't heard it before loved it as expected.  My kids from last year (I have 7) still love it of course.  So we'll be doing some activities with it on Monday.  Leslie at The Groovy Teacher had a post that has come at a perfect time with a wonderful freebie.  Click here to go and grab it!   Anyways, have a great weekend and I will attempt to get on here more!


  1. Thanks Leslie:) We gotta stick together! I've been meaning to write you for a while because when you make a comment on my blog, it goes to my email also and then each time I try to write you back, it says no reply blogger. I had the same thing on my blog too. So I can't write back to you, the only way I can write to you is here on your comments.
    So....just wondering if you want to change that (I changed mine). Here is the info to help you do it. It's from Megan's blog - I Teach, What's Your Super Power.

    1. Get into your blogger dashboard.
    2. See that cute little profile picture in your top right corner? There's a drop down arrow next to it. Click it.
    3. Click "Blogger Profile"
    4. In the top left corner, select "Edit Profile"
    5. Make sure the second box "Show My E-mail Address" is checked
    6. Under identity, make sure it's the e-mail address you want replies going to.
    7. Save Profile.

    Now we can chat even more...:)

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. School is so time consuming & I don't have nearly enough time to blog. :-)