Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guided Reading

Okay.....today was our first day of Guided Reading.  I have not been able to begin it before now as I was helping out another teacher who had a difficult split class.  I've been taking her Grade ones and there have just been too many kids in the classroom.  Now that they have a routine, they are back in their own classroom.  YAY!  They were sweet kids but it was just too chaotic.  Anyways, LA was awesome today.  The stress that I was feeling is gone completely!
For my guided reading, I have 4 groups.  One group works with me; one does a listening centre story and activity; one completes a word work activity; and the last does something with sight words.
I tried Daily 5 last year and ended up with a hybrid of it this year as there were lots of things that I liked; and others that I wasn't crazy about.  We still "read to self", "read to others", do "word work", "listen to reading" and "work on writing" but I don't call it the daily 5 and I make sure that the kids do each of these rather than giving them all free reign. 
So happy to have things back on track in my classroom.

I'd like to replace Facebook with teaching blogs to be more accurate.......Can anyone relate?


  1. I can totally relate:) I was blog stalking and pinning last night for sometime before going to bed. I'm glad your reading groups are going good for you. How many kids do you have in a group? I have 6 groups with 4-5 kids in each. Wish I could make it less groups but most of my kids do better with the smaller number in them.

    The Busy Busy Hive

  2. MY GR is similar. I use aspects of Daily 5 but really it doesn't work for me. Not sure why. It sounds good in theory but ....

    Grade ONEderful
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