Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Parent Teacher interviews

Well, we just completed our parent-teacher interviews today.  They went extremely well but I must say that I am happy that they are done.  They were exhausting!  As a school, we decided this year to do interviews with all of our parents (in the past, we had just had the interviews with families where there were concerns).  I loved it!  It was so nice to be able to tell parents that "yes, your child is doing a fantastic job in the classroom!" 
We're studying dinosaurs in the classroom right now and having tons of fun.  Here is a little alphabetical order freebie to share.  Click here for the download.


  1. Our interviews are in a couple of weeks. Do you try to have your reports written first? That's what I'm aiming for. It seems to make things a little easier. Glad your interviews went well for you!
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  2. Hi Leslie - glad your interviews went well. Mine were last week and the majority of my parents speak French. Yikes! I do my best, but obviously my English interviews are way better. Have fun with your Dinosaur Unit:)

  3. Hello from the other side of the mountains! It is rare that I don't see all of my parents at interview time. Thanks for reminding me of what I will be dealing with in 2 weeks. (o; I am your latest follower. Hop over and visit me sometime.

  4. I love the dino ABC page. We are doing a lesson about dinosaurs after Christmas break. This page just fits in. Hope you are having a great holiday break. Kristy and Misty