Sunday, January 20, 2013

R controlled vowels FREEBIE

Oh my goodness......twice in one month.  That's definitely an improvement if nothing else.  My problem is everytime I post something on here, I feel like I need to do a freebie and a lot of the times, the clip art cannot be shared.  So then I feel guilty and I don't bother posting.  Well, we're looking at the letter R this week so I thought I would do up some sheets for my guided reading have a freebie.  Grab it here and please let me know if it's of any use.
It's a sorting activity as well as some alphabetical order activities.  Gotta love me some Melonheadz clip art to go with it!



  1. Thanks! It's hard to find ir, er, ur without the ar and or. And it's so cute